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Digital Student Property Marketplace

Premium Student Dedicated Apartments



Combining Traditional Student Accommodation

with a Superior Technological Approach

HFBB will create a Digital Student Property Marketplace where currently owned student properties can be bought, sold and leased in a crowdsale type auction utilising custom crypto tokens and smart contract technology.  The properties will be tradeable on a P2P Custom Property Token Exchange allowing investors to create a portfolio of fractional properties. 


Properties will be digitised into fractions represented by crypto tokens with initial values starting at just €1.  This will provide unprecedented exposure to the Student Housing Market for investors, and create an investment exit for current property owners who are seeking liquidity, helping to solve some of the Industry's greatest problems.


In addition to BenchCoin's digital property platform, the majority of contributions made during the ICO will be earmarked for the acquisition and development of Smart Buildings dedicated for rental to University students in emerging markets across Europe.  Backing the token with physical assets by way of real estate with rental income gives HFBB's BenchCoin Token intrinsic value with consistent revenue derived from the underlying property.


HFBB will be an innovator in Integrating blockchain based technologies with traditional real estate in order to provide a new form of digital mobility to an immovable market.









Investors Buy BenchCoin Tokens

Tokens Listed On DEX Exchange

Fully Incorporated Audited Reporting

Blockchain Proof Using Snapshots

Smart Building Investor MVP

Token Dividend Every 12 Months



Healthy Profit Share

Tokens give the owner the right to a share of all net distributable profits.  Apart from our student property tokenisation platform, tokens are backed by "real property" and give the owner a direct profit share from the rental revenues from these assets.  Student Housing is a top asset class producer and the top emerging investment class across Europe.  Leveraged property acquisitions, increased asset values and growing revenues will result in higher net profits and larger dividend distributions.  As dividend payments increase, the value of the Token will increase and cause the market price of the Token to rise accordingly.

Ways To Profit

Keeping Tokens

Selling Tokens

After the ICO, token owners can sell the token on the DEX or open market.

Token owners can keep the tokens which grant a part of the Company's profit.


Milestones Plan

ICO Milestones Plan

Continued Expansion





Smart Apartment

IoT Smart Properties


Real Estate Integration


Across Europe

HFBB Milestones

Every milestone step is an advancement to a broader set of locations, acquisitions and services which enable the Company to sustain steady asset and revenue growth.



Token Distribution



• 80% Contributor Distribution
• 10% Founders and Employees
• 5% Fund for Administration
• 5% Fund for Bounty Rewards

• Week 1  20% token bonus;
• Week 2  15% token bonus;
• Week 3  10% token bonus;
• Week 4  5% token bonus;
• Week 5  0% token bonus.

• 10% Facebook campaign
• 10% Twitter campaign
• 10% BCT Thread support
• 15% Blog Post campaign
• 15% Bitcointalk translation
• 40% Exclusive BCT support

HFBB Token and Dividend

Token name:  BenchCoin.  The tokens will be assigned pro-rata to the funds contributed during the ICO.

Token Symbol:  BCT

Payout Structure:  BenchCoin token represents the right to receive a part of company's profit.  All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes. BenchCoin tokens, in aggregate, have right to receive 35% of company's net profits.  The token will also serve as form of payment for our Digital Student Property Marketplace.

Token Supply:  100 Million.  Supply is FIXED.  No further tokens will ever be created. 


80 Million tokens will be distributed among all the ICO participants based on their contribution.  At the end of the ICO, any unsold tokens will be divided proportionately and the pool of unsold tokens will be distributed and added to the individual wallets, according to their contribution.

Initial Rate:  Price per token, 1 BCT = 1 EUR

Dividend Policy:  All tokens in aggregate will have the right to receive a portion of the Company's profit.  At the end of a financial year, 35% of distributable net profits is transferred to a specific ETH wallet.   The ETH is then transferred to the specific wallets of all BCT token holders recorded at the payment date.  The stake of profit is received pro-rata the share of tokens owned.



BenchCoin (BCT) token will be used as payment for services on our digital marketplace and will represent a share of profits from all enterprises.  BenchCoin will be an Ethereum blockchain project and custom property tokens traded on our P2P exchange will be ERC20 compliant.


Core Team

Bertil Olsson

Director, Finance

Executive level auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers for +30 years. Arguably one of the most trustworthy individuals in the ICO market today, in a position of strict fiduciary duty for the #1 accounting firm in the world.

Karl Scholler

E.I.R., Research

Ismael Peregrina

Director, Operations

Holds an array of local area business connections for the residential and commercial property markets.  High business acumen with keen insights into emerging blockchain-based technologies and trends.

Vast experience in the financial services arena with a 20 year career in private equity and venture capital.  Private asset protection specialist through utilisation of SPV structures.  Past 5 years in property.



Email: [email protected]  |  Corporate Web: hfbbenchmark.com

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HFBB Digital Enterprise

The activities of HFBB will be developed on an incremental basis investing the capital according to the development of the customer base and with the objective of maximising the capital versus revenue ratio.

HFBB will develop the first Digital Student Property Marketplace while providing the infrastructure for a P2P Custom Property Token Exchange which allows individuals to build asset portfolios through fractional property ownership of tokenised Smart Properties.

In addition to developing the platform, the Company will develop state-of-the-art Smart Buildings implementing Building Management Systems utilising Sensor Systems, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.




A Digital Student Property Enterprise

A central marketplace to buy, sell and lease currently owned student pods and properties starting at €1.  The platform will be featured on a secure state-of-the-art, interactive and fully responsive website.

Current student property owners who seek short-term liquidity can conveniently sell or lease their property, in whole or in fraction, through a crowdsale type auction from their smartphone or computer.

Upon successful completion of the crowdsale campaign, the student pod or property will be digitised through custom blockchain tokens using smart contracts for 100% transparency and security.

The custom property tokens are then listed on a decentralised P2P Property Token Exchange where tokens can be traded in an open market, similar to a "stock market for student pods and properties".

Contacts & Useful Links


Phone: +46 (0)31 308 82 11  |  Gothenburg, Sweden